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dollhouse miniature furniture mahogany piecrust tilt-top tea table by Iulia Chin Lee
Dollhouse furniture cherry folding table
Dollhouse ministure furniture folding tilt-top gate leg table
dollhouse miniature furniture folding tilt top, gate leg table in cherry 17th century
dollhouse miniature furniture 17th century cherry folding tilt-top table
This photo shows the front view of the miniature table when folded.
The gate-leg construction involves precise joinery for a perfect fit.
Dollhouse miniature furniture 17th century cherry folding table 1/12 scale
dollhouse miniature funiture 17th century cherry folding table 1" scale
1/12 scale miniature cherry folding table by Iulia Chin Lee
dollhouse miniature furniture cherry folding table
1" scale cherry folding kitchen table
dollhouse miniature furniture 1/12 scale cherry chamber table
1/12 scale miniature cherry kitchen table by Iulia Chin Lee
A very fine and beautiful miniature folding table with a tilt top. It has a construction of two leg-frames , one folding against the other. This miniature table is made of cherry with the finest grain. All the joints are pegged as the 17th century original. 1/12 scale miniature
The leg frame consists of two turned legs, an upper rail and a turned lower rail. The legs and the rails are joined with mortises and tenons
All joints in the center post are cut with the utmost precision to ensure a perfect fit.
The photo above shows the notches of the center post, upper and lower raills.
This gate-leg table was very popular in the American colonies during the 2nd half of the 17th century. This table is designed for utility, as it practically takes up no room when folded and yet presents a comparatively roomy top when extended. It is very versatile. Folding tables were sometimes used as chamber tables, and for reading or writing.
Photos above show intricaste gate-leg construction and indicate the challenge in making such a table. Every part has to fit perfectly in order to make the legs close properly and lay completely flat when the top is folded.