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New work from Iulia CHIN LEE
miniature exotic wood burl vase 1/12 scale
miniature bi-color spiral twist pedestal 1/12 scale
miniature turning bi-color spiral twist pedestal 1/12 scale
Miniature Footed Bowl
Made of Tagua Nut & Paduak
Tagua nuts are seeds of Ivory Palm in South America. They are now often used as an animal tusk substitute.
Miniature Vase made of Tagua Nut
Tagua nuts have an interior void and are irregular in shape. The above vase is created with its beautiful husk intact.
A burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. A burl results from a tree undergoing some form of stress. It is filled with small knots. Burl is difficut to turn due to the uneven density in the wood. It chips easily.
Miniature Bi-Color Spiral Pedestals are made with utmost precision. The core of the pedestal has to fit perfectly into the open twist. The top and the base are doweled to the stem to ensure a long lasting bond.
Maple and Paduak
Paduak and Rosewood
Miniature Burl Vase
Miniature wood turning Nutcracker soldier doll 3"
Miniature wood turning nutcracker soldier doll 3" tall
These are 3" Nutcracker Dolls. Each is hand-crafted and painted.
3" Nutcracker Dolls compared with 3/4" miniature nutcracker dolls
miniature turning Tagua Nut bowl  with Paduak 1/12 scale
Miniature turning Tagua Nut bowl Vase 1/12 scale
miniature turning Tagua Nut bowl , Vase 1/12 scale