Classic Miniatures

Chin Lee Miniatures

Expertly Crafted Miniature Furniture by Iulia Chin Lee

Chin Lee Miniature in Kingston, NY has been making high-quality miniature pieces since 1992. These wood pieces are mostly 1/12th scale. Often they are collected as art pieces or additions to a room or house being built. Antique restorer Iulia Chin Lee, who is a member and instructor at the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, sells her own artwork and pieces made on commision.

Iulia is not only recognized for her miniatures, but also for her woodworking and furniture making. She is affiliated with The Society of American Period Furniture Makers, the Northeastern Woodworkers Association, and the American Association of Woodturners. Her pieces have been featured in many national and international magazines and are coolected by museums and private collectors.


Our Miniature Turnings and Furniture

Wood turning is where you use a lathe and handheld tools to cut a variety of shapes from a spinning piece of wood. We use this process to create beautiful pieces that are 1/12 scale.

Our miniature turnings include vases, furniture, nesting dolls, twist turnings, and painted vessels. We also craft non-turned  case furniture, chairs, tables, and room boxes.

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